Huawei Trying To Trademark It’s Own Operating System After It’s Ban

HUAWEI is Chinese technological juggernaut which was looked up by many other companies all over the world. But now every company seems to say they would never want to be in the situation HUAWEI has got itself in. This is mainly because HUAWEI was suspected to be spying on the U.S Government using their phones, so the U.S. Government hit them with a Ban which disables them to do business in the U.S. lets just say this is not an enormous thing for HUAWEI who have been selling their products worldwide. But due to the ban HUAWEI can not only sell in the U.S., but they also can’t even associate with any other U.S. based company as well.

That means GOOGLE, MICROSOFT AND INTEL. This may seem easy from the outside, but in the day and age we live in, making an Android phone without GOOGLE and laptops without INTEL and MICROSOFT is a huge challenge.   Huawei is one company which has been slowly coming up in the world market. With both APPLE and SAMSUNG’s shares falling in the year 2017 and 2018 Huawei had a great up in the market with a hike of 31.5% in those 2 years.

Not only that they seemed to attract the buyers with there tech and the customers seemed to like their technology. But with even Americans taking a liking over it and are buying it more and more the production of Huawei kept going up. Their laptops came up to the mark of the MAC and their tie-ups with the top device agencies like GOOGLE for their android phones and INTEL for there laptops with MICROSOFT for it’s OS gave them a strong presence in the market.

But with the U.S having a suspicion that the Chinese have been using this technology to spy on them, U.S prohibited it’s secret services agents, white house employes and even FBI from using the Huawei phones. This then slowly arose to being an all American ban with the government banning Huawei from performing the trade in the U.S. which actually meant that not only that they couldn’t sell their product in the U.S. but they can’t associate with any of the American company. This led to companies like google to pull out their Andriod O.S from Huawei tech.

Huawei where struck hard by this as now they had to not just get back their ban but also find a way to replace google’s O.S. A similar thing happened a few years ago to ZTE when it’s mobiles where also banned from the U.S. They could never recover out of the ban, with no google services they where never the same. Huawei is a far bigger brand then ZTE and everyone knew that there is only 2 alternative for this, one Huawei makes peace with the U.S and makes arrangements for the resume of business or Huawei stand up for their own brand and make their own O.S. which is a move that only very few will make.

But Huawei proved that they are no ZTE.The Chinese tech giant has reportedly filed a trademark application with the EU Intellectual Property Office for their brand new operating system (OS) called ‘Harmony’, even after the issues with the US government seem to be easing down. They are attempting to register the name for an O.S for both the mobile and computer use; the trademark application is dated July 12, 2019, and is currently under examination as the GSMArena reported on Saturday. According to Huawei, Android OS and ecosystem still remains to be the first choice for its smartphone business.

Also, the company reportedly seek to reduce the latency of its Internet of Things (IoT) devices through its own mother Hongmeng OS.  “We haven’t decided yet if the Hongmeng OS can be developed as a smartphone operating system in the future,” says the company’s chairman Liang Hua.

After US President Donald Trump provided a reprieve to Huawei in June, less than a month after blacklisting the Chinese telecom giant, American tech titan Google can now continue to sell its Android license to the smartphone maker for the provisional 90 days. But Huawei has put to silence any doubts anyone had on their future. They are dependent on Google or anyone.

They believe in their brand and find a way out of any critical situation with their own tech.


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