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SURESH KUMAR - Founder & Managing Attorney

Founder's Note“If this business were split up, I would give you the land and bricks and mortar, and I would take the brands and trademarks and I would fare better than you.”- John Stuart, Chairman of Quaker (ca.1900)

Intellectual Property Rights viz., trademarks, patents, copyright, and designs are the most high-valued assets of any company. Such assets must be registered and duly protected to effectively monetize the assets during the course of the business. However, only 3 to 5% of entrepreneurs understand the value of Intellectual Property Rights and attempt to protect them. Statistics have shown that a small number of applications are filed and sought for protection before the Indian Intellectual Property Rights Office.

How IPR Works ?

Intellectual Property Rights works on three core principles.


Everything begins with a creative Idea. Turning your ideas into tangible medium to seek protection is the first step in the process.


Protect what you rightfully own is the second principle on which IPR works. Create something unique, and get protected under the Law.


The primary aim is to earn from your work and IP helps you do that. Commercialisation and Monetization form the third principle of IPR.

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Disseminating the intellectuals we possess on Intellectual Property Rights to all our Viewers, Readers and IP Enthusiasts. Welcome to the Knowledge Bank of Unimarks.

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