How To Trademark Your Amazon Brand Registry India ?

Amazon has given a new dimension to the concept of buying and selling goods. Amazon, or you might say Amazing Zone, has become one-stop platform for buying and selling everything and anything under the sun. Be it an Indian Brand or Foreign Brand; Amazon has it for you. You Search it, and Amazon will give you all possible options to buy.

P.s: Not promoting amazon business here but just trying to make a point here.

Whenever you want to buy any product online, you browse amazon to find out the price, the design, or the specification. But, do you think everything that you see on the platform is legitimate and the brands registered are authentic? Whether you buy the product from the platform or not is secondary, but we do check the platform for once.

Don’t you think in this vast ocean of brands and non- brands, you might get confused with what is real and what is fake? From the seller’s point, there are chances that your brand can get copied or imitated by a third party without your knowledge, and then such illicit activity can damage your brand name.

Scary right? Businesses invest a lot of time and money in building their brand and making their products/services viable in the market; these imitators take no time to copy the brand and sell them. That is why Amazon has taken strict measures, and any brand being sold on amazon is advised to get itself registered under the Amazon Brand Registry.

This article will tell you how Amazon Brand Registry Tool works for all the sellers who wish to register their brand on Amazon.


Giving a new dimension to your business on Amazon, Amazon Brand Registry allows sellers to use various advanced tools to improvise their business tactics and protect their brand from delivering a defined customer experience.Initiated in 2017, Amazon launched an enhanced and comprehensive brand registry encouraging and ensuring brand owners’ protection of their trademarks by giving access to proprietary text and image search, predictive automation, and reporting tools. Amazon Brand Registry reduces the chances of third-party altering or modifying the product specification or content, ensuring transparency that shall ensure brand safety to all the Amazon sellers.


Simply Put, Amazon Brand Registry provides comprehensive protection to your brand registration. Brand Registration with amazon has dozens of benefits, and the three major reasons to choose this are:

  1. Trademark Protection: Amazon Brand Registry provides tools and guidelines that can be handy in protecting your online business. Amazon Brand Registry provides accurate listings for your product pages, helps remove infringement of your trademark registration, and assists you in reporting any such violations.
  2. Brand Optimization and Promotion:  Amazon Brand Registry assists brands in registering with them with brand optimization and promotional tools by providing them with sponsored ads and high-quality content to showcase products.
  3. Brand Analytics: Amazon Brand Registry provides you with complete business performance analytics to help understand how your business is performing so that you can take defined decisions to improve your performance.


Amazon Brand Registration provides you with ample benefits, a few of which is listed here:

Product Listing Shield

Amazon Brand Registry provides your business with complete product listings. It gives sellers control of their product listing’s information displayed on the platform along with promotional materials. Sellers are relieved from the worry of third-party Amazon sellers changing their product listing information.

Amazon Brand Registry protects your advertising material as well. Amazon prioritises your registered brand over others selling your product. Preventing other sellers from running suspicious ads that use your brand to drive traffic to their products.

Sales Improvement and Customer Attraction

Well, if there are no fraudulent actions taking place with your brand, it will directly improve your sales drive. It will give your product a legitimate search listing on amazon. For example- you own a product named XYZ registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. When the customers want to buy your product, they will search XYZ. And Amazon will list your product first, and for that matter, we know that the first-come, first-serve rule applies in marketing.

Customer Analysis and Data Analysis:

Amazon Brand Registry’s advanced analytics feature helps you access customers’ search database and helps you understand the buying pattern of your target customers.

Deliver a better shopping experience for your customers

With Amazon Brand Registry, you can instantly improve the experience of your online store and find better ways to engage your customers. Amazon Brand Registry tools help your store stand out from your competitors.

Better support from Amazon

If you notice any fraudulent activity surrounding your brand and products, you benefit from exceptional support from Amazon. The platform will handle all of your complaints quickly and efficiently. Amazon has a dedicated team that reports any suspicious activity and counterfeit products. If you’re part of the Brand Registry program, the platform will address any complaints you may have in a short period.


  1. Business with Registered and Active Trademark or
  2. Business with Pending Registration of Trademark

Note: To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, you should secure Trademark Registration


Brand Registration on Amazon Brand Registry is straightforward. It involves three simple steps:

  • Create your Amazon Brand Registry account Once you are eligible for the program, you will have to create an account to register your brand with the Brand Registry. You can click here to create an account.
  • You will be asked to choose the country. Please note that you must have a valid trademark in all the countries you wish to register for.
  • You will have to create an amazon account, or if you have a seller account, you can use the same credentials to log in. To create an account, you will be required to give the following information:
  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Password
  • You will receive an email confirmation link via email where you will have to confirm your email id, and that’s there; you have successfully created your amazon seller account.
  • Now, you can use your username and password credentials from your Amazon Seller account to sign into Brand Registry.
  • Enroll your brand

Once you create your Amazon Brand Registry Account, the next step will be to enroll your brand in the program officially.

You will have to click Enrol new Brand Tab to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry.

  • The following list of information will be collected from you during the process:
  • The registration number of your trademark
  • Images that clearly show the branding of your product and packaging
  • If you have a vendor relationship with Amazon, you will need to provide a vendor code
  • A sample list of ASINs that show your brand’s products on Amazon
  • Information on the countries where you distribute your products

The Enrolment form is divided into three sections:

  1. Brand Information and Product Information- in which you will have to give details of your
  2. trademark
  3. trademark office
  4. registration number
  5. URL of your website selling the product – website links or social media links
  6. product images – showing your logo, packaging, labelling, bar code, etc.

Selling Account Information:

This includes your company, products, registration number, deposit and charge methods, business information, shipping details, and tax information.

Distribution Account Information Submit and Confirm:After providing Amazon with all of this information, all you have to do is click “Submit,” and you’re good to go. Congratulations! You’ll then receive confirmation from Amazon within a couple of days that you’re now part of the Brand Registry program.


We all know that in this 21st century, nothing comes free of cost, right? But, making a difference here- Brand Registration on Amazon is free of cost (as of now, future we don’t know).

But you will have to pay for trademark registration which nearly costs you around Rs 4500-  Rs 10,000 (excluding the professional fees). You can get in touch with our trademark experts, who will guide you through the process of trademark registration and the Amazon brand registry procedure.

EndNote: Amazon takes extra precautions to safeguard its sellers’ brand information.


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