How To Choose Trademark Attorney In India – A Primer Before Filing Your Trademark

How to choose Trademark Attorney in India

Post Globalization, the companies in India and foreign countries are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting their intellectual property rights by filing trademark registration in India, since piracy and imitation of brands are becoming a major problem for entrepreneurs. Trademark law is one of Intellectual Property rights which has many unique principles and requirements under the law. So, if you are looking to register our brand, then you must get the assistance from the  competent trademark attorney who not just files a trademark but he  is competent to conduct and evaluate a trademark search and offer valuable opinion on brand registration.

So, the million dollar question here is how one should choose a trademark attorney/consultant?

First and foremost, you would never choose the service of a trademark attorney simply based on referral service or  advertising. Lawyer referral services either from online or offline portals do never evaluate the abilities of the trademark lawyers but it simply refer any trademark consultant who bids higher amount or willing to pay the membership fees for such referral service.

You must understand that the trademark registration is not just about filing of Trademark before the Indian Trademark Office. It involves various stages which requires a constant follow-up and immediate response before the Trademark Office

(Ref. Trademark Registration Online Application)    In most cases, you may end up in finding the Trademark Attorney having very little or no experience and knowledge of trademark law.

So, you would end up in receiving impersonal service and commit plethora of errors while preparing your trademark application and failures in due follow-up. So, the key is finding trademark attorney/trademark consultant who would not only competent enough on trademark law but also provide individual attention and more personalized service from trademark searching to filing of trademarks and until the registration of brand.


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