8 Reasons To Get Your Brand Registered Under Trademark In India

If someone asks us why we have to register our brand in the market- we would say that –Protect What Is Yours and What Rightfully Belongs To You.  There are infinite reasons to get your brand registered in India but keeping it short, these are the primary eight reasons to get your brand registered under the Trademark category.

Also, while registering a trademark, make sure you hire a professional to help you throughout the process to not waste your time, money, and efforts by filing a wrong application.

Here are the eight primary reasons to get your brand registered:

  • Countrywide registration

The first significant advantage which we can think of is getting nationwide registration for your brand. Trademark protection is country centric, so you get protected in the country you register. For Example, if you want to get protection in India, you will have to register a trademark under Indian Law; likewise, if it’s in the Maldives, then under the Maldives Law. This gives your brand good recognition and exclusive rights in the entire country, which eventually helps you, have good stead if you want to register in other countries.

  • Brand identity and recognition

The main reason why 90 percent of people register their trademark as soon as they build their company/business is that it helps them make an identity and recognition worldwide. Brand identity is an essential part of running a business without which it becomes a little difficult to attract customers.

  • Brand protection and consistency

Having a registered trademark can be very handy if you want to open a branch, franchisee, or any other business in the same line. You can very well use the same brand symbol/logo/name across the globe.

If you have total control over the brand, you can restrict the brand’s usage rights or even choose to what extent the licensee can use your brand, giving you a potential revenue system.

  • Restriction on others to use your brand name

The next significant advantage is that it will deter others from using your brand. One registered, the mark rightfully belongs to you. Unless canceled voluntarily or by the registrar on reasonable grounds, no one can use, file, or even write any other brand under the same name or class, or type. This benefit is called “Cease and Desist” in legal language.

  • Additional Benefits offered by a search engine

This is one exciting benefit that trademark registration offers to its registrants. They get an upper hand appearance in many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. This is because the more your brand names top the list, the more our people are inclined towards it. It creates a better picture of your brand in their mind as it will make your brand more reliable.

  • Certificate as a bona fide company

If you register your brand, it makes your business look more real and bona fide, which helps in creating a good portfolio for the company’s growth. What exactly helps us here is that people these days buy goods and avail services based on recommendations. If you have a registered trademark, it creates a reputation in bloggers/influencers/reviewers that your brand products are incredibly reliable and unique in its state.

  • Increases your monetary value

A registered trademark will attract potential customers to your business and steer the growth of the company. No doubt, once you register a brand and sell it, you get a reasonable royalty fee, which adds to your brand’s monetary value. It also relieves the buyers that the said mark or brand will be protected from infringement and thus builds the brand’s confidence and reliability.

  • Public confidence in your brand

Registering your trademark gives you the confidence that you won’t receive any infringement cases against your brand. It saves you from the entire court proceedings and most importantly from those dreaded ‘cease and desist’ situations mentioned above. Just imagine spending several years working on your business, building up a trustworthy customer base and an eye-catching, attractive marketing strategy, and then becoming a victim to infringement disputes. It is very heartbreaking. That is why we suggest and recommend you to register the brand and stay secure.

We at UNIMARKS LEGAL SOLUTIONS help you find the best deal for registration of your brand. Get in touch with us today to get your brands secured.


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