Comprehensive E-Filing System Of Patent


Introduced in 2007, the comprehensive e-filing mechanism for filing patent applications was one of the major milestones achieved by the IPO. The system started working in a full-fledged way in the year 2012. The 2016 patent amendment rules do not require all applicants to file all patent-related forms and applications through this system only.

Features of e-filing

  1. Dedicated e-filing portal
  2. Two-way log in option (Digital Signature based and Password based)
  3. All types of forms and applications relevant to patent filing
  4. Scrutiny of application with the available IPO Database
  5. Validated User Profile
  6. Ease of transaction
  7. Less scope for clerical or transactional errors
  8. Easy updating of digital signatures

Benefits of e-filing

  1. E-filing has made the uploading of the documents, specifications and other required documents to the authorities streamlined and easy. The work is more organized and consumes less time compared to the physical or manual filing.
  2. The filing process has been made convenient and user-friendly.
  3. Ease of communication, response from the IPO and instant acknowledgement for the application filed.
  4. Less chances for errors while filing the application or input of details. Cross-verification of the uploaded details is also made easy as everything is available on a single click.
  5. Reduction in fees to engage the applicant to opt for online filing.

E-filing of patent application Process

Registration: The first step in the e-filing procedure is to register in the Comprehensive E-portal available in the official website of IPO. Once registered, the user-name and password is generated for the applicant. Note: Dual login facility is provided by the IPO so that the applicant or the authorised agent can log in through the password or digital signature. Selection of Service: After registration, the applicant or the agent has to log in to the account and select from the list of services available on the website. After this, applicant has to download client software through which he can create and sign the form. Uploading Patent Application: Once the software is downloaded, the applicant or the agent has to fill the application, specification and other requisite details, sign the document (digitally signed) after which the website will direct you to the payment gateway where the prescribed fees has to be paid. Payment: The applicant or the authorized agent has to make the prescribed fee payment for the application. Once the payment is made, acknowledgement receipt will be generated and sent to the registered email id. For more information and guidelines of E-filing usage, you can refer the the official website:

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