Trademark Registration For Online / Social Media Services

The business owners of online social/media services can protect their brand name which identifies their business with users in different classes under the Trademarks Act 1999. To protect the brand name/trademark/logo of the website, the trademark applicant must specify the services they provide under their trademark to register the same before Indian Trademark Office. Below is a list of some of the more popular classes in which to file a social media application.

Class 35:

  • Trademark Applications under Class 35 also covers services related to the sale and marketing of goods online. It also covers advertising and marketing services provided by social medias.
  • Social media strategy and marketing consultancy companies which focuses and helps their clients create and promote their product online and assist on brand strategies by engaging viral contents as marketing Activity.
  • Providing a website for users to post ratings and write reviews, and recommendations for the products and services sold online

Class 38:

  • It is for telecommunications. This class would cover micro blogging sites such as Twitter.

Descriptions might include:

  • Providing chat rooms online and social networking
  • Global communication services, by creating and managing online forums and electronic messaging in the fields of social networking and micro blogging and delivered global through the medium of computer and wireless networks and also the Internet and mobile phones

Class 41:

  • It includes and covers the services of education, entertainment and other related services. The Blogs, online journals and articles about certain subjects are classified here.

For example,

  • The On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring any subject matter for interested audience
  • Online portals for e-publications in the nature of blogs and articles added on a weekly or other frequent periodic basis in different field of industry

Class 42: 

  • This class covers the design and development of computer hardware and software. Social media measuring tools belong in this class as do any technical, programming, social medias which related the services of computers and services.
  • Generating and maintenance of blogs for customers/clients
  • Online search engine services for customized on-line web pages featuring user-defined information

Class 45: 

  • It encompasses personal and social services in any field rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.

The services includes

  • Community services for public via on-line or through social networking services
  • Social networking services provided online through any community website
  • Online social networking for any good cause

If you are considering filing a trademark to cover social media related services, you can consult our trademark attorneys at our to identify the appropriate classification and recitation of goods/services. It will help you to avoid additional expense. In addition, strategy should also include developing best practices for use of your trademarks in social media by your employees and third party representatives.


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