7 Points To Win Brand Name Registration

Brand Names form an integral part of the brand identity. When you buy a product or service, you will look out for names that attract your attention. When we think of a product, we associate its authenticity and popularity with its brand. For example- when to think of buying lunchboxes- we would either go with Tupperware or Signoraware. Same way, when we think of buying a mattress, we would go for wakefit or sleepy cat. Now that we think we have made it clear that branding plays a crucial role in business let us get into the concept of trademark of brand names and 7 key points to Win Brand Name Registration.

Why is it that our preferences are inclined towards a particular brand? The answer is simple: quality, identity, consumer-preferred choice, and rating. We Indians tend to inquiry and verify before buying anything. We ask our friends and relatives of any brand they are aware of before purchasing goods or services. This gives us a sense of authenticity and helps brands get recognition.

Importance of Brand Registration:

If someone asks us why we have to register our brand in the market- we would say that -Protect what is yours and What Rightfully Belongs To You. To simply put down, there are infinite reasons to get your brand registered in India but keeping it short, these are the primary reasons to get your brand registered:

Brand identity and recognition

Branding helps a company/business build identity and recognition across the sector. And Brand identity is an essential part of running a business without which it becomes difficult to attract customers. Brand protection and consistency: If you have total control over the brand, you can restrict the usage rights on the brand or even choose to what extent the licensee can use your brand, giving you a potential revenue system Restriction on others to use your brand name: Brand Registration deters others from using or trading in your brand. Once registered, the mark rightfully belongs to you.

Additional Benefits offered by a search engine

This is one exciting benefit that trademark registration offers to its registrants. They get an upper hand appearance in many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. This is because the more your brand names top the list, the more people are inclined towards it. It creates a better picture of your brand in their minds to make your brand more reliable. Certificate as a bona fide company: If you register your brand, it makes your business look more real and bona fide, which helps the business have a good portfolio for its growth.

Increases your monetary value

A registered trademark will attract potential customers to your business and steer the growth of the company. No doubt, once you register a brand and sell it, you get a reasonable royalty fee, which adds to your brand’s monetary value. It also relieves the buyers that the said mark or brand will be protected from infringement, thus building its confidence and reliability.



One of the basic conditions of a trademark is that your mark should not be similar to any other mark in the industry. If your brand name is unique and catchy, then no one can stop you from owning it. Unique brand names get registered in our minds as well in the trademark registry easily.


What attracts customer attention is how you can connect the name of the business to your business story. The connection you build with your customers has a direct effect on your business. If you can buy the customers with your brand story, your work is half done. Your story can help you build trust and goodwill with the customers.

A classic example of how a story impacts your brand retention is that when you visit a website and check about us, the story of the business will be displayed before. When we read the story, and if we feel connected to it, we will automatically look for the services offered by the business, and that’s how the business expands its portfolio.


Your Genuineness and Authenticity will help you create a bond with your customers. Understand the vision behind your business and decide the name accordingly because when your mark comes up before the registry, your story and genuineness will change the game. Be it customers or the hearing officer, your true motive for naming the brand will help you win the brand registration. Whether designing your name, logo, or even the website, your customers will want you to be clear and transparent about your values, mission, and vision. The same goes for the hearing officer. They will expect you to be clear while describing your goods and services in the TM Application. They will want you to explain to them the intention behind adopting the mark or logo, and if your brand name is a perfect fit for your business, voila!! It’s all yours.


If your brand name is easy to pronounce and understand, it will remain with the customers forever. Also if the customers have to refer your brand to someone, your brand name must be easy to pronounce and comprehend. If you keep lengthy, difficult to remember, and random names- it can be a black mark on your business. We suggest you concentrate, take time and come up with brand names that are easily pronounced, universally accepted, and have good retention capacity.


Your brand name is the most important asset of your business. One may not realize the role a brand name plays in the business, but your brand name should suit your present and future requirements. When you start a business, you will initially launch one range of products, but you would want to expand your business to different ranges in the future. Your brand name should be versatile enough to fit into all future changes. Otherwise, it might be a hindrance to your business.


No business will have less competition in the market. With the world marching towards growth and development, the nature of business has become consumer-centric. Business wants to bring in products and services that will attract customers and help them bloom. This clearly means that more competition in the market. What will make your business stand out is you distinguishing your products and brand name from your competitors. But do understand here that comparative advertisement is okay disparagement is not.

You should distinguish your brand from your competitor’s brand showcase why customers should choose your brand over others. 80% of the game depends on branding. If your brand is popular and distinguished, you can sell products easily. Your brand name is your business identity, choose it wisely and make sure it stands out in the market.


You may think shorter the name, easy to remember. But no, never (we repeat never) opt for short names while deciding your brand name. Short forms may not communicate the right intention of adopting the name and can sometimes mislead the consumers. You will have to explain if you go with short forms, which we feel is not a best practice. Your brand name should be complete on its own and should define you, your business, and your intentions to adopt the name.

The End Note: First thing first, clear your mind, have a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax. This will help you to think correctly and come up with good ideas. So,

whenever you are thinking about a trademark for your business, you have to:

  • Understand your market, the type of goods or services you are into, and what can attract the customers
  • Write down all possible ideas that come to you
  • Apply the elimination test- start eliminating options you think are not up to the mark.
  • Now take an expert opinion to guide you in terms of words, designs, color combinations, etc.
  • While designing, keep the above-given checklist in mind, and test your words.
  • Connect to a trademark agent to conduct a trademark search to be double sure about your chosen mark.
  • Determine the country you want to apply to and find the appropriate class for it . Go ahead and register

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