Do You Need To Register Your Brand To Sell Products Online? – E-Commerce Issues Every Entrepreneur Must Know.

Why Do You Need To Register Your Brand To Sell Products Online?

Did You Know The Your Famous Brand Not Only Attracts The Customers But Also The Counterfeiters? So, How Can We Handle It?. In The Year 2020, The Entire World Is Observing Social Distancing, And It Impacts Not Only Everyone’s But Also Commercial World. Thanks To The Advent Of Technology, E-Commerce Is A New Era And Reaching Enormous Heights. The COVID Situation Has Given The People No Option But To Rely On E-Commerce For Their Day To Day Needs, And E-Commerce Is Becoming The Ultimate Source For Consumers Can Depend On Their Needs. Apart From Causing Disruption,

The Violation Of The Intellectual Property Of A Company Is Becoming Prevalent In The Online Business Due To The Illegal Business Practices Of Trademark And Copyright Violations By Counterfeit Products. The Protection Of Brand Names, Logos, And Creative Works Of Original Owners Become The Utmost Necessity. E-Commerce Sites Too Necessitates And Encourages The Companies To Register Their Trademark, Brands And Logos To Curb The Counterfeit Practice In Online Platforms.

Why Is Trademark Protection Important For E-Commerce?

A Company Invests It’s Time And Money On A Coined Name And Logo, But That Was The Old Way. Now Companies Think Ten Steps Forward, The Design Of The Logo, What The Design Has To Stand For, What Color Does It Have To Have, How Well Will It Suit Us In Our Social Media Marketing? The Requirement For Customers Has Changed, From Having Just A Logo To Having A Meaningful And Attractive Logo Or A Catchy Name That Attracts Customers.

And When You Compete In The Engaged E-Commerce Sites Representing Yourself With A Particular Brand Name And Logo, It Only Takes Seconds To Replicate Your Design. You Are Uploading A Jpeg Or Png Format Of Your Logo For Marketing; It Only Takes One Copycat To Remodel Your Logo And Use It Cleverly. So, Only The Trademark Registration Is The Perfect Shield For Your Brand Name, Especially In The E-Commerce Era.

Many E-Commerce Sites Like Amazon Or Flipkart Insist Their Sellers Get Their Brand Name Trademarked Even Before They Enlist Their Products, But Still, It Is Not Made Compulsory. They Also Have A Policy That States The Importance Of Their Intellectual Property Rights Policies.

Trademark Registration Protects You From Counterfeit Makers

Once Your Product Is Successfully Running In The E-Commerce Sites, It Will Not Only Attracts The Customers But Also A Lot Of Counterfeit Makers. Your Brand, Logo, Or Original Design Gets Copied And Identical But Fake And Spurious Products Are Sold In The Market. Counterfeit Makers Copy The Attributes Of Your Product And Remake Them At A Cheaper Quality. And then Sell it at the same Marketplace Where You Are Selling. It May Cause Mass Confusion Among Buyers. Due To Identical Counterfeit Products In The Same Or Different E-Commerce Sites, And The Buyers May Not Be Able To Identify The Difference. The Buyers Get Tricked In Buying These Counterfeit Brands. The Worst Case Is The Lousy Quality Of Such Fake Products Blamed On Your Original Brand And Ruins Your Reputation.

Can You Stop Counterfeit Production By Registering Your Trademark?

Yes, You Can. If You Find Such Counterfeit Brands Identical To Your Brand, Which has been Registered. You Can Read The Article From Here To Know How You Can Take Legal Actions Against The Infringement Of Your Brand. Then You Can Take Probable Action Under The Following Laws:

  • The Trademarks Act 1999,
  • The Copyright Act 1957,
  • The Patents Act 1970,
  • The Designs Act,
  • The Geographical Indications Act 1999,
  • The Customs Act, 1962,
  • The Drugs And Cosmetics Act 1940,
  • The Prevention Of Food Adulteration Act 1954,
  • The Consumer Protection Act 1986,
  • The Indian Penal Code,
  • The IT Act Of 2000.

Depending On The Scenario, The Laws Might Differ. And It Is Essential To Hire The Right Attorney For The Right Advice. In Case If You Have An Unregistered Brand, Then You Are Asking For Trouble.

Selling In E-Commerce Sites Will Give You New Clients And Will Attract More Copy Cats At The Same Time. Many Companies Don’t Just Stop After Trademarking Their Brand. They May Also Patent The Unique Feature Of Their Products, Register The Design Of The Distinctive Shape. And Copyright Their Logo to Get Protected In All Ways. So, If You Are Using A Brand That Is Still Unregistered, Please Ensure You Have Protected The Brand By Applying For Trademark Registration.


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