The Difference Between Inspiration And Plagiarism – Part I

Plagiarism is meant to be the miss appropriation or in simple words theft of content and publishing it in another author’s name and simultaneously stealing the creativity, expressions, and ideas by publishing it as one’s original work. Plagiarism turning into a gigantic problem in this era of modern writing. We simply live in a society where people don’t hesitate to cheat on other people. And to take their work without a shred of doubt or guilt. When a writer gets down to work the use of their words and the style of their thoughts will vary.

Other writers may take inspiration for his or her writing. You will have to get inspired to take them as your true inspiration. They inspire us to create something similarly good as that by our own hands, so we can inspire many others. This may in a few circumstances be considered plagiarism or is it? where do you draw the line between plagiarism and genuine inspiration, where can we use others to get inspired? If these questions ponder you then this article is just the right one for you.

What is Plagiarism exactly?

As the introduction says, Plagiarism is simply the repeated representation of thoughts and ideas of others, pretending like it is their own creation. Personally, if you feel there is no wrong to simply quote other sources if you show the reference of the quotes in the context that you have used. If there are a resemblance of any thoughts or topics or similar usage of words in the work of any others. Then it’s best that you check for plagiarism for reference.

There are many plagiarism checkers online this day, and of those many are free. But the only way they work is when you literally copy word-for-word. But even the attempt of copying the ideas should be considered to be plagiarism. If you are really serious about writing and don’t want anyone to copy you. Then the plagiarism checkers will help you figure out who has stolen your work and published it on their own website. Plagiarism has become very general even among all the well-known writers. At university level, plagiarized work could be a subject for direct dismissals also.

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is actually a spark, which is ignited by what a person sees or observing any specific event of a life or the work of someone else or even sometimes by general daydreaming. In other words, it’s a driving force of a creator, which inspires him to move forward. You can get inspired to collect the different facts you require to complete your own research via the internet or anyone else’s work. However, they are simply a bunch of ideas that should have strong evidence and must have proven research materials. It’s not considered to be an infringement to write something if you are inspired by the work of any other author.

All famous writers are inspired by some other great author and the chain goes on. One should understand that fire never sparks in a vacuum. The reaction always requires raw materials. Every innovation has already been invented. Just in a different type of representation so no matter what you create, it still will be based on the works of some other people. In the next article, you will be briefed on the copyrights and legal factors of plagiarism. And also the laws which will protect your writing legally.


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