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Trademark Watch helps in tracking existing and potential trademarks. It also helps in identifying similar trademarks that might cause public confusion or has the potential to dilute your trademark’s reputation. Trademark watch reports give you the data you have to act rapidly against the trademark that may be confusingly like yours.

Trademarks watch services

The importance of trademark as a valuable asset is well-established as it bears tremendous goodwill and reputation of the business. Each day thousands of applications are filed, advertised, opposed and it is very difficult to analyse if any of the application violates the rights of true owner. Also, keeping in mind the strict timelines, if the monitoring goes wrong, the owners fail to exercise their rights to protect the marks by filing opposition. Hence, trademark monitoring services are a must. Access to technological advancement is definitely a boon for all, but also has increased the chances of misuse of trademark has also equally increased. Therefore, the owners have to be on single toe to monitor their marks both nationally and internationally. The tool is useful in checking the applications registered, to be registered, applied or pending renewals for infringement matters.

Importance of Trademark Watch and Monitor Services:

  • It helps maintain the goodwill and reputation of the business.
  • It makes the process of opposition easy
  • The rights can be exercised well-in time.
  • It helps check and curb potential infringers
  • It alerts the trademark owners if any similar or identical application is filed.

Significance of Trademark Monitoring

Identification of Infringement: Earlier the identification of infringement, better chances of enforcing the trademark rights. Trademark monitoring helps notify identical/similar mark published in the trademark journal.
  • Timely Filing of Opposition: A successful opposition against trademark application filed for similar trademarks and prevents such similar marks from being registered. Statute requires proprietors to file opposition within 30-60 days of advertisement, trademark monitors helps to stick to the timelines and file oppositions before the expiry of the due date.

Tools of Services

ONLINE SEARCH- GOOGLE AND BING What if your trademark is a “word mark.”
  • To start, go to Google and run a search for the name of your trademark.
  • The search should be for “All” of Google’s categories at first.
  • Next, click on the results for “Images,” “News,” “Shopping,” and Videos,one by one.
  • While reviewing the search results you’ll be asking yourself whether any of the results that you come across involves another brand or trademark that is likely to be confused with your trademark.
  • Ask yourself is there likely to be confusion between the two trademarks.

What if your trademark is a picture or graphic?

  • Use the screenshots below as a guide to reach the appropriate page for Google Images search.
  • You can either upload an image or paste a URL to your trademark image.
  • Review the results with an eye out for the same “likelihood of confusion lens” that you were using to examine results in your initial standard character search above.
  • For the sake of being thorough, you can also head over to Bing and run searches there too
  • If you’re seeing mostly the same results, that should give you some comfort that you have taken a pretty good scan of what’s out there.

Google Alert

  • Simply go to Google Alerts and create your alert.
  • After you’ve created your alert, you’ll start receiving email notification reports whenever there is a new search result that uses your trademark.
  • When you’re setting up your trademark alert, you will be able to select how often you want to receive alert notification reports.
  • Right now there are three options: as-it-happens, at most once a day, and at most once a week.

IP India Search

You can use IP India Tm Public Search to check and monitor the trademark.

Benefit of Trademark Watch and Monitoring Services

  • Timely filing of oppositions by identifying the infringing marks so that the registration of such marks can be restricted at the filing stage itself.
  • Avoid trademark loss and also prevent loss of goodwill and reputation of business.
  • Avoid passing off of business and goods/services associated with the business.
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