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Trademark Search Services

When you start a business, one of the first things you need to do is protect your brand. A trademark is a symbol, name, or phrase that represents your company and products. It’s important to make sure no one else uses a trademark that’s similar to yours, as this could cause confusion among consumers. The best way to protect your trademark is to conduct a search of the Indian Trademark database. This will help you determine if someone has already registered a trademark that’s similar to yours. If you find a similar mark, you can take steps to register your own trademark before someone else does. You have a 96% of chance getting your trademark registered if the trademark search is done with due diligence. The stepping stone to trademark registration is trademark search. Search implies checking the trademark database for any identical or similar marks. Trademark search comes with many benefits, one of which is avoiding rejection of the mark by the registry and the second one saves you time and cost while building a brand. Prior to filing the application for registration, it is always advisable and recommended to conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure that the prospective mark intended to be registered doesn’t have any similar or same mark already registered in the registry.

How to Conduct a Trademark Search:

A trademark search can be conducted for both word and device marks. There are numerous sites and software’s one can use to conduct the search. One can use the Trademark Public Search Service given in the official website of IPR to conduct the search or can hire professionals to help them conduct the trademark search.

Comprehensive Trademark Search Actions:

1. Word Mark Search – This search allows you to find word marks that include your keyword(s). 2. Phonetic Search – This phonetic mark search allows you to find phonetically similar marks that include your keyword(s), including trademarks that have been applied or registered and those that are still pending 3. Internet Search: There are certain trademarks that are not filed before the trademark office but are still in use that may be found while doing an online search.

Word Search:

Word mark search is conducted when the desired application is to be filed for word mark, tagline, slogan etc. to conduct a search in wordmark we can check the word in the Appropriate Class from 1 to 45 under Nice Classification.

Device Search:

Device Search can be done for logos, figures, celestial bodies, stylized letters, living creatures or combinations of all. A device mark is conducted based of specification of goods and services as per international classification of the Figurative elements of marks (Vienna Codification). Currently, the Indian Trademark does not offer the visual similarity search for the trademark, however there are paid third party software’s available for this option. Alternatively, you can also try google image search which detects and reveals if the logo or artistic work of your trademark copied from any third party trademarks or designs.

Internet Search:

Once the official search of word/device mark is done, an internet search is also done to ensure that there are similar or identical marks already present in the market of the same/different industry. This search is mainly done for unregistered or well-known marks.

When to do the search?

Trademark search is not only required during the registration process but also after the registration is done. Here are two major circumstances when the search is required.

What output can you expect after the search?

The following information will be revealed once the search is completed:
  • Proprietor the same or similar trademark
  • Details of the application- number, date, prior user
  • Trademark class details and description
  • Restrictions if any
  • The status of the application (approved / withdrawn / registered / objected / abandoned)
When you are looking to trademark a name or logo, it is important to conduct a proper trademark search. This will help you determine if there are any similar marks that might conflict with your proposed mark, and whether or not it is even available for use. There are a few different ways to conduct a trademark search. The simplest way is to do a free online search. You can also hire a trademark attorney to conduct a comprehensive search for you.

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A comprehensive search of the Indian Trademark database can be time-consuming and complex. That’s where we come in. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you conduct a thorough search and make sure your trademarks are protected. In order to register your trademark with us, please click the link below. You can also get in touch with us and our trademark expert will guide you through the process.
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