International Trademark Registration


International Trademark Registration is very important to protect your trademark, brand name, and logo from pre

How long your trademark registration is valid?

Trademark rights are perpetual and the term of trademark registration is usually ten years but it may vary from country to country. The registration of a trademark can be renewed indefinitely on payment of additional fees. The rights of registered trademarks speak volumes when it is needed to be enforced through court orders.

Seven things you must remember before applying for International Trademark Registration

  1. Complete a Trademark Clearance Search in your home country and also in the country where you want to apply for the trademark.
  2. Accurate description and honest representation of your company’s product or service.
  3. Choose the right goods or services that you actually deliver through your trademark.
  4. Keep your International Trademark filing as secret as possible until you complete the process.
  5. Identify and file the country in which you want to protect your trademark.
  6. Hire the right legal counsel to help you register the trademark in a foreign country.
  7. Ensure brand watch after you register your trademark to prevent conflict or potential infringement.

Requirements to Register a Trademark Online

In order to register your trademark with us, please click the link below. You can also get in touch with us and our trademark expert will guide you through the process.
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