Domain Name Procedure Flowchart


Domain Names are the names for the information’s address on the Internet and are used to locate information on the Internet. In India, Top-level Domains on the internet are .IN and .CO.IN. and these domain names are made available to the general public. India being a part of UDPR, the country has enacted the INDRP for better regulations of the domain names.

Procedure for Domain Name Registration

  • The process of domain name registration of .IN and .Co.In has been made hassle-free, seamless and easy to understand. The process is quite simple and can be easily done by everyone. One can sign up for domain name registration by contacting the registrars to obtain the domain name .IN.
  • The entire process of registration is done by the registrar appointed by the .IN Registry and is a transparent non-biased process.
  • The applicant desirous of placing a request for registration of domain name of .IN or .CO.IN fill the application online and the name (if available) is registered in his name with 24 hours as per the guidelines established by the Government.

Procedure for Filing Domain Name Dispute- in a nutshell

Filing of the Complaint: If the infringing domain name is identical or deceptively similar to the registered domain name registered by the applicant/ complainant, the applicant has to file a complaint.IN Registry. The following are the few grounds for filing the complaint: 1. Identical or similar domain name registered or used by the infringer 2. Using the disputed domain name in bad faith. 3. Any other relevant reason as deem fit by the registrar.

Responses to the complaint

if the complaint is found to be in accordance with the dispute resolution policy, the registry will forward the complaint to the respondent within 3 days on receipt of the complaint received

Appointment of the Arbitrator

.IN Registry will appoint the arbitrator and shall forward the complaint along with the requisite documents. The arbitrator will adjudicate the matter in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitrator and Conciliation Act, 1996.

The decision of the Arbitrator

The Arbitrator is required to decide and adjudicate upon the matter within 60 days from the date of commencement of the proceeding. The arbitrator has to record the decision in writing with proper reasoning.

Implementation of decision

On receiving the decision, the Registry shall;l forward the same to the parties along with the date of implementation of the decision. For further clarifications on domain name disputes process in India, please contact us today

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