Difference Between URDP And INDRP

The following differences can be identified between URDP and INDRP

Classification INDRP URDP
Jurisdiction Deals with disputes registered and used in the .in domain Deals with disputes arising out of the all registered domain names
Circumstances INDRP does not lay down circumstances when the domain name will be cancelled, transferred or changed URDP lays down three circumstances when domain name will be cancelled, transferred or changed-
Order of court, arbitrator or tribunal of competent jurisdiction
Decision of administrative panel to which registrant was a party
Written or any appropriate instructions from registrant or his authorised agent to take such actions
Resolution Process Appointment of arbitrator by the .IN Registry from the lists of arbitrator to conduct the resolution proceedings The complainant can select the provider who will administer the proceedings
Applicable Law Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996 The Rules of Procedure governs the process of initiating and conducting disputes.
Fees Payable All fees incurred by virtue of the disputes are payable by the Complainant If the Administrative Panel is expanded, then, all the cost arising out of the dispute would be split evenly between the parties
Appeals and Submissions No such provisions are laid down. The parties are allowed to submit the dispute before Court of Competent Jurisdiction

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