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The Internet has become a cornerstone in every one’s life and with the advent of globalisation, connectivity, and improvised communication, the usage of the internet has been at its peak. Be it commercial, individual or government institutions, internet and cyberspace has been a significant part of all the sectors viz. banking and finance, litigations, filings, entertainment, media, healthcare, hospitality etc. With such rapid use of the internet, the need to own a domain name of yours has become the need of the hour and thus, domain name registrations are now talk of the town.

Statutory Body

The statutory body regulating the registration of domain names in India is the .IN Registry. The Registry is responsible for maintaining the .IN ccTLD. It has ensure optimum reliability, stability, and security.

Domain Names and Trademarks

The domain name system enables trademark holders to enforce their rights over the domain names which are similar or identical to their domain names. Importance of domain name to the business is no doubt known to all, hence protection of domain names is equally important.

Where to search the domain names?

Available domain names can be accessed from – the official website of the .IN Registry. To get your domain names registered, contact us today or for more information you can mail us at

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