KIMONO, people may not have been hearing this for a very long time. Only people who have been to Japan or attended any Chinese festivals on their world tour list may recognize this. But now, Twitter seems to be going crazy over this KIMONO wear. And that too not because of any Japanese festival or any traditional remembering, it’s because of Kim Kardashian. Yes, you heard me right. What does Kim Kardashian have to do with Chinese traditional clothing? Well, that’s what we are going to bring to you. This is a trademark war between tradition and fashion which is setting Twitter on fire.

Let me start with were this all started, Kim Kardashian West is an American celebrity, businesswoman, socialite, model, and actress who people started following via her reality shows. She is a person who is not the brightest minds in the world but is pretty smart in selling herself off. She has made a lot of money via her reality shows and the products that she created with her name or she is even associated with it. Even though her name became viral because of a sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend Ray J, she used that pretty well to her advantage making her name a brand. She married the famous rapper Kanye West and when to producing her own products. Do you know she has an entire cosmetic kit and every aspect of women fashion?

She is a busy person in the lawsuit world as she lets no one even perform anything identical to her products. Recently she filed a lawsuit against a fashion company ‘MISGUIDED’ for using an identical design of one of her designs of a dress and for also tagging her for the specific post. She got 2.8 million USD for the lawsuit. It’s safe to say that she knows how to brand herself.

Not only that she and Kanye have registered their three children’s names (North West, Saint West, and Chicago West) with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office. Most recently, she also filed to trademark her newborn son Psalm West’s name with the intent to sell everything from baby supplies to calendars.

This may sound pretty crazy, but she is making money out of it. There have been many celebrities like Kim who’ve tried to trademark their names and even iconic catchphrases. Cardi-B an English rapper tired to register her iconic ‘OKURR’ catchphrase but couldn’t because many of her fans already trademarked it to make t-shirts of the phrase. Taylor swift tired to trademark ‘there is no awesome without ‘ME’’ as she wished to produce t-shirts with the same tag phrase. Ok, now let’s get back to Kim, she was working on shapewear which she claimed she was working on for over 15 years on.

The shapewear is just a skin-tight dress which expresses the exact shape of your body. Similar types of wears have been developed but with Kim’s name serving as a brand pillar, the buzz on this product was getting higher. This got really big when she releases a small glimpse of the shapewear and the name of it. the product did seem to be a market stormer, but the name proved to be a total brainstormer.  She named it ‘KIMONO’.

This was not taken likely by the Japanese people and that too by women all over the world including her fans. Knowing that she had trademarked her ‘KIMONO’ name made Japan go crazy over the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office. The kimono originally referred to the cultural wear of the Japanese women and is something very traditional to them. Even if Kim hadn’t taken much thought over this, the U.S.

Trademark and Patent office must have at least considered asking for permission. Even though she has no respect to a tradition that’s where the office must step in is the Japanese acquisition. A traditional name that has been actively used for over 1500 years or even more must have precedence over Kim Kardashian’s fashion shapewear.

People in twitter put up their views against Kim and many even posted their own picture of them wearing ‘the Original Kimono’. Kim did go on twitter saying that she was working on this for over 15 years and that she did name it after her own name, but never the less the Japanese trade minister supposedly had a talk with her and Kim presently has postponed her launch which was scheduled this week (1st week of July) and not only that, the Japanese trade minister Hiroshige Seko gave an official statement on Twitter acknowledging that Kardashian West would be renaming her brand, but said that he would nevertheless be sending officials for a meeting at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 9.

This may be a set back to all you KKW beauty fans who were waiting for the shapewear. But I’m really happy Japan did this. Traditional trademarks are important, we would be nothing but less haired monkeys if we forget our tradition. Yes, fashion and technology are important, but they must respect tradition as well. Depriving Japanese traditional wear by naming it after inner wear did seem disrespectful. But good thing everything happened for the best as Kim decided to back off.

Her recent Twitter post indicates that she has changed the name of her shapewear from kimono to solution wear and has asked her fans in social media how the new name is.

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