Comparison and Competition are normal in this day and ago, but those are also the soul roots for the development of that person/company. Imagine if there was no MUMBAI INDIANS, CHENNAI SUPER KINGS would have no competition.

No spice in the fight. Every ROGER FEDERER needs a RAFAEL NADAL to bring out the best in them.  Just like the famous FORMULA-1 racer NIKKI LAUDE once said to his arch-rival JAMES HUNT “A WISE MAN LEARNS MORE FROM HIS ENEMIES, THEN A FOOL FROM HIS FRIENDS”. This article is not about rivalry, this is about how rivals can work together for a common cause.

More importantly for the Trademark of one word. We all know the famous clashes of ‘MARVEL AND DC UNIVERSE’. The creative universes have been fighting it out for over 5 decades. They have been competing against each other in comics, series and now both have their own cinematic universes having 8,000(MARVEL) and 10,000(DC) characters respectively. But the interesting fact is that though the two universes have more then 15,000 superheroes combined they cannot use the word ‘Superhero’ for any of the title.

That’s right, the term ‘SUPERHERO’ is a term generally used by both MARVEL and DC in their comics, movies and series. But has it ever struck you’re mind that they never use the word “SUPERHERO” in any of their titles, or even for their promotions of the movie. They don’t even use it as a slogan because ‘SUPERHERO’ is a trademark that is owned by both these universes. If DC uses the word ‘superhero’ in their slogan they can be sued by MARVEL and if MARVEL uses the word ‘superhero’ in their slogan they can be sued by DC. And we both know both are too powerful forces who if fight have to seem defeat as a prestige insult. So what happened?,

what did they do about this ‘SUPERHERO’  issue?  They joined hands. The two arch rivals came together and applied trademark for the word ‘SUPERHERO’ to hold a joint partnership for the name. This just meant that the two powerhouses can have joint ownership of the name but any other company with a new universe idea can’t use it. Hence declaring MARVEL and DC the two and only supreme powers of the Superhero industry. They where open proofs to people that arch rivals can come together and that one word had the power to do so.

Many such breaches happened in recent years, Captain Marvel was mentioned in a DC comic once. In the new Deadpool movie many DC references very used as humour but they made sure that they did not use these in their publicity or promotions of that respective movie. But both made it very clear to each other that YOU CAN OWN A TRUCKLOAD OF SUPERHEROS, BUT YOU CAN’T USE THE WORD ‘SUPERHERO’.


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