What You Should Know Before Filing a Provisional Patent Application?

A Patent is a statutory right over an invention granted for a limited period to the inventor, in consideration for full disclosure of the invention to exclude others from utilizing the patented product or process without his consent.

Indian Patent Law follows the first to file system. A provisional application is an application that can be filed if the invention is still under the experimentation stage. Filing a provisional specification provides an advantage to the inventor since it establishes a ―priority date.

  1. The Applicant is required to submit the complete specification within 12 months from the day of filling the Provisional Specification; if you fail to do so, your application will be considered lapsed.
  2. You will lose the protection or priority for your application if you fail to file a complete patent specification within 12 months.
  3. Instead, you can file for a complete specification application directly by skipping the provisional specification applications step, and the moment when your invention, concept, or idea has the complete information without any obscurity or any other changes made to your product or process, you can file for the complete specification. So, the Provisional Application filing is optional, but the filing of the Complete Specification is mandatory for your patent to be considered registered.
  4. The Contents required for the drafting of the provisional patent applications:
  • Title,
  • Field of invention,
  • Background,
  • Objects,
  • Brief description of drawings (if any),
  • Detailed description,
  • Advantages,
  • Drawings (if any),
  • Disclosure of biological material used (if any)


Forms required for Provisional Patent Application: – 

Form 1: – Application for the particulars of the Patent application

Form 2: – Application for the Provisional Specification

Form 26: – the Form of Authorization of the Patent Agent. It is required if you are applying through a patent agent.


Forms which are required for the Complete Patent Application after the Provisional Application: – 

Form 2: – Application for the Complete Specification

Form 5: – Form of Declaration for Inventor ship


Forms which are required for the Direct Complete Patent Application (without the application for a prior Provisional Application): – 

Form 1: – Application for the Grant of the Patent

Form 2: – Application for the Complete Specification

Form 3: – Form of Statement and Undertakings under Section 8

Form 26: – Form for Authorization of the Patent Agent, this is required if you’re filing through a patent agent.

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