The new iPhone X proved to be a revolution in the market of smartphones. The extension on the display up till the edge of the screen with the no waste space for the home button proved to be a new stylish touch for many new coming up phones. We can see after its hit with the iPhone X model that there have been few phone companies which picked its idea (notch) and introduced cheaper phones in the Android platform. But what if I told you APPLE INC. where not the first people to even come up with this idea.

Iphone X

iPhone X is the eleventh generational iPhone, which was released on Nov 3rd 2017 making the 10th year anniversary of the prestigious iPhone product. But after its introduction, many started to take a unique liking over the notch display. The eye-catching full edge display got people going crazy for it and often the technology which makes people go crazy gets the other companies to go crazy as well. Many Android phone producing companies liked this idea and started interpreting it to their phone models, now every company producing phones have at least one model made of the notch. Just search “notch phones” on Google, you’ll know.

This is not the first time for Apple as well, they have been the pioneers of products for nearly an entire generation and they are the one who set the trend for the others. But in this case, Apple proved to the world that it doesn’t need a trendsetting idea to make a trend, every trend-setting idea needs the name apple to become trendy.   Essential was the first person to release the notch displayed model on the 20th of May 2017(around 5 months before iPhone X), despite being a nice compact model it was pretty forgettable by many. LG where actually the first to patent the product, it had a Korean patent in the year 2016 for the future phones they had in mind (v50, etc.).

But the model that they wanted to master was different; they aimed to notch only the top for the ‘Wi-Fi’, ‘silent’, ‘data’ etc. iPhone just went a notch further with the notch and made the whole display notch which gave a greater dynamism to the screen.

They also used Samsung’s edge concept and put it into their product to make the edges curved. After the hit of iPhone X, many companies used its patent and made phones with their identical design. Notch has around 15 types of patents bought by different companies because each had their own way to bring some sort of innovation into the earlier product. Their claim to be updated to the older design of the notch,

you may think what is there more to do in it but it’s actually the market craves for the notch phones that make them want their own patent. The reason why the patent is important for all these companies is that they do not have to pay anyone for its design and notch on its own is not being considered as a very big innovation but just as a creative design. So a small software upgrade with the notch is considered patentable. And even a few dimensional differences can be considered as a patent update. Basically speaking notch is the baby many companies claim they own.

So the next time when you hear someone say “everyone is copying iPhone X”, just tell them “no one owns notch” and send them the link of this blog.

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