Ever wondered why a lot of importance is given to the registration of IP? If you have read all our blogs on patents, trademarks, copyrights, you would have realized that we always suggest registration of logo, creative work, inventions, and a lot more, the reason being you get ownership and associated rights with the registration. It is also very easy to register your work in either of the categories of IP Rights; the process is simplified, easy, and straightforward compared to any other process in India.

With the advancement of time, legal procedures have been completely reformed. With such development, the registration of IP Rights has seen a major shift- from manual fling to e-filing, making it more convenient for applicants to sit across the globe and register their work.



Design rights are simple and inexpensive. Once registered, you get exclusive ownership rights over the design, and it helps you defend your design in case of any imitation or piracy of the design.

Without registration, one cannot protect the design from piracy attacks and safeguard their valuable designs from being copied or imitated.

It is indisputable that the creation of designs possibly involves a lot of time, hard work, and investment, and without valid registration, the creator/ designer cannot claim it. No doubt, until registered under the design provisions, copyrights are always available to creators, yet as said earlier, without registration, no action can be maintained, be it copyright or designs. Hence, registration grants exclusive rights to the creators of the design.



Once registered, the design is known by the name of the creator, and it becomes a public record for ownership of the design. This automatically enhances the reputation of the design and thereby increasing the brand value of the design. Registration can otherwise be termed as a reward for creativity and originality.



Good design makes your company stand out in the market. The market is flooded with a lot of potential creators, products, and services. The creativity and originality of the design distinguish your company from other companies and help attain the market position.



If you have a registered design in your name, there are possibilities that it may attract a lot of potential investors. This proves to be an important factor in raising funds for a start-up. It helps attract venture capital and secure credit for business development.



The next significant advantage is that it will deter others from using your design. One registered, the mark rightfully belongs to you. Unless canceled voluntarily or by the registrar on reasonable grounds, no one can use, file, or even write any other brand under the same name or class, or type. This benefit is called “Cease and Desist” in legal language.


At UNIMARKS LEGAL SOLUTIONS, we help you find the best deal for registration of your design at your ease. Get in touch with us today to get your brands secured.

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