Olympic Events And Games Are A Well-Known Brand In Itself. Therefore, It Is Very Important To Protect Olympic Properties From Various Illegal Marketing Techniques. Being A Global Event, The Popularity Of These Games Is Undeniable; Hence, The Protection Has To Be Strong. That Is Where IPR Rights Play A Vital Role.

International Olympic Cooperation Has Been Striving Hard To Protect Olympic Properties, Ye, Basic Protection Of Trademark, Design, Etc., Is Required. Protection And Management Of IP Rights Of These Olympic Games Are Important To Ensure That The Sanctity Of The Games Is Maintained. Travel With Us Throughout The Blog As We Take You Through The Stages Of IPR Protection In The Olympics.


The Time Travel Saga Begins:


Stage-1: Host Country Protection:-

  • Protection Of Name Of The Host Country: Once IOC Finalizes The Country For Conducting Its Event, These Countries Tend To Register The Names With The Trademark Office Way Before The Commencement Of The Process Of Candidate Selection.

2.Domain Name Registration: Just Like Trademark Registration, Various Generic And Country-Code Top-Level Domains Are Registered With A Motto To Prevent Any Abusive Use And Cyber-Squatting Of The Names In Relation To The Host Countries.

3.Copyright Protection: IOC Has Its Own Set Of Audio-Visual Copyrighted Material, And After The Host Country Is Finalized, These Rights Can Be Accessed By Them Upon Approval By IOC To Develop New Or Derivative Works For Promotion And Engagements Of The Game.

4.Other IP Protection: The Cities Taking Part In The Game Files A Candidature File With The Following Details Of IP Protection – Copyright Audio-Video Content, Symbols, Logo, Emblem, Music Tracks, Or Slogans.


 Stage 2: The Preparation Of Granting Exclusive Rights

1.Olympic Marketing Partners Are Granted Various Exclusive Rights Viz. Worldwide Marketing Rights, Broadcasting Rights, Hospitality Rights, Supply Rights, And Other Sponsorship Benefits.

2.Licenses To Use The Olympic Rings, The Olympic Archives, And Other IP-Protected Assets Relating To Olympic Games, Like Emblems, Mascots, Or Composite Logos.

3.A Variety Of Cultural Performances – Music, Dance, Drama – Protected As Related Rights, Are Also A Feature Of These Events.

4.Grant Of Exclusive Rights To Broadcast And Exhibit The Olympic Games, Provide Invaluable Financial And Operational Support To The Olympic Games.


Stage 3: Hosting Related IP Protection:

  • Olympic Torch: Olympic Torches Are Designed Specifically For Each Edition Of The Games And Are Protected By Industrial Design Rights And, In Some Cases, Copyright And Patents.

2.Iconic Moments During The Ceremony: An Extraordinary And Intricately Choreographed Spectacle, Featuring An Amazing Explosion Of Color And Music, Display Of Its Unique Identity And Cultural Traditions By Host Countries Are Covered Under Myriad IP.

3.Musical Rights: OCOG Is Obliged To Make Sure That All Artistic Works, Recorded Or Live Music, Musical Compositions, Arrangements, Photos, Audio-Visual Recordings, And Other Content Used In The Ceremonies Are Free From Infringement Along With Appropriate Remuneration To Right-Holders.

4.Broadcasting Rights: Other Rights That Protect The Assets Of Broadcasters Allow The Olympic Games To Be Telecasted Through Television, Digital, And Media Platforms. Broadcasters And Media Organizations Pay Significant Sums For The Exclusive Right To Beam The Olympic Games To Our Homes.


Tokyo 2020 And 2021- IPR Facts – The Following Have Received The IPR Protection: 

  • Medal: The Tokyo Olympics 2020’S Project Of Turning Old Cell Phones Into Medals. A Medal Design Competition Was Held In Lieu Of Producing These Medals.
  • Logo: Composed Of Three Varieties Of Rectangular Shapes, The Design Represents Different Countries, Cultures, And Ways Of Thinking. It Incorporates The Message Of “Unity In Diversity.”
  • Emblem Concept Video: The Concept Video Aims To Inspire As Many People As Possible To Embrace The Tokyo 2020 Emblems.
  • Olympic Torch Design: The Torch That Will Be Used For The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Has Been Designed With A Cherry Blossom Motif — A Flower Close To The Hearts Of All Japanese People. The Concept Of The Relay Is ‘Hope Lights Our Way,’ And The Torch Will Tour The Entire Length And Breadth Of Japan.
  • Mascot: Miraitowa- Mascot Of The Tokyo 2020 Is An Amalgamation Of Respect For Tradition And Cutting-Edge Information. Its Name Is A Fusion Of The Japanese Words For “Future” And “Eternity.


Issues Concerning The Protection Of Olympic Properties: 

The Olympic Properties Are Threatened In Several Ways, Including Ambush Marketing, Trademark Infringement, Counterfeiting, And Cybersquatting. Ambush Marketing And Trademark Infringement Occur More Often In The Olympic Games.

  • Ambush Marketing – Ambush Marketing Occurs Each Time When A Non-Olympic Sponsor Tries To Portray Itself As An Official Olympic Sponsor In An Effort To “Capitalize On The Goodwill, Reputation, And Popularity” Of The Olympics. For Instance:  2016 Rio Olympic Games, There Were Many Cases Of Ambush Marketing Like Nike And Its ‘Unlimited Campaign’, Social Media Posts, Ford Videos Etc.
  • Trademark Infringement– The Hosting Country’s Ability To Raise Money From Sponsors, Suppliers, Advertising Agencies, And Licensees Is Hindered By A Mere Possibility Of Trademark Infringement.


The End Note:

Understand The Potential Of Intellectual Property Rights In Sports Area Is Required For The Development Of The Social And Economic Development Of The Nation And World At Large. Integration Of IPR In Olympics Has Strengthened The Conducting Of Olympics And Accords Protection To Host Countries And Other Cities Participating In The Game.

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