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Unimarks Legal Solutions (ULS) founded in 2011 by Suresh Kumar, Advocate along with other leading IP law practitioners with the motto to provide “Efficient, Effective, Enterprising And Time-Bound” services in the IPR areas. In 10 years, ULS has become one of the largest full-service IP law firms in India with over 50+ IP professionals helping clients across the globe to obtain and protect their IP Rights. We understand that Intellectual Property Rights are high-value assets of our clients and they need to be nurtured and protected with utmost care and effort.

Over the years, the Unimarks Legal Solutions have kept their promise and

  • has become one-stop Intellectual Property Rights Law firm for the registration, prosecution, litigation, and enforcement of their IP rights by competent and highly experienced attorneys.
  • to provide responsive communication and reliable solutions to their urgent problems
  • to be flexible and creative when devising and providing customized services that are the most cost/time-effective to clients, and
  • to offer consistent and transparent services.

Unimarks Legal Team

Unimarks Legal Solutions has built a strong team of 45 litigators since 2011, who are assisted by senior professionals including former Re-Examination Board Examiners And Technical Experts having immense knowledge and abundant experience in trademark and patent litigation, invalidation, and enforcement from the local courts to the Supreme Court, and before the Indian Trademark Registry, Tribunals and Law Enforcement Agencies. With an experienced In-House investigation team, ULS attorneys have helped numerous clients in conducting Pre-Filing Investigations And Administrative Actions to overcome the difficulty of evidence collection during the enforcement of IP Rights in India.

Trademark Team

Unimarks Legal Solutions is proud of its Trademark Prosecution and Litigation Practice. Statistically speaking, ULS has filed over 16,000+ Domestic Trademarks Applications and 1000+ International Trademark Applications for various industries. ULS specializes in the following, in particulars: trademark prosecution, such as trademark drafting and prosecution in India; trademark registration in domestic and International; trademark examination and appeal before the appellate forums, patent invalidation; patent search and legal opinion; and trademark assignment and licensing; and trademark litigation and enforcement, such as infringement investigation, notarization, and evidence collection; search and seizure, civil and criminal litigation against infringement and unfair competition; IP-related administrative litigation; and customs IP rights protection.

Patent Team

Patent attorneys of ULS have comprehensive knowledge and understand the technology, patent-related and general laws and regulations, and plan commercial-oriented strategies. The attorneys’ in Unimarks Legal Solutions ensure responsive and smooth communication with regard to both technical and legal aspects of their work. Patent drafting and prosecution are strictly supervised by senior patent attorneys, including former patent examiners and senior IP rights professionals who have previously worked in famous technology-based companies. Technology analysis, patent mining, and training seminars are also frequently provided to clients. ULS has also established a highly experienced team for patent invalidation in its Indian Patent Office for quick action against attack or as a defense in a dispute. In case of patent disputes, ULS effectively helps its clients achieve their commercial goals by customizing their strategies, using local investigation, licensing negotiation, patent assignment, filing or response to the request of patent invalidation, administrative petitions, initiating lawsuits, and actions against unfair competition.


We listen to our Clients to understand their needs and find solutions. By paying special attention to the each and every issue, we deliver efficient, quality representation. We match the task to the skill level required to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality. With our clear and practicable advice, we facilitate the establishment, maintenance and expansion of the business and commercial activities envisaged by our Clients.
  • International Trademark Association (INTA),
  • International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA)
  • Asian Patent Agents Association (APAA), and
  • Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC).
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)
  • Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPOA)
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